Here are samples of my games. If you’d like to hire me to program and release your game idea, please email or call.

Match Em is a fun and addictive game where all you have to do is find matching items. Deceptively simple to learn, challenging to master, fun for kids and adults alike. All you have to do is find matching items. Sounds simple? Give it a try. Select the one item in the top row that has a match in the bottom row.

iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch): version of Match Em – iOS App Store

Browser (WebGL) version of Match Em.

Coming soon for iOS and Android. If you’d like to test Match Em for iOS or Android, send an email to

Molecular Music Box is an exciting work in progress. For more information, please see the original video here: Molecular Music Box. I have written a program to play and combination of songs. You can try it out on the web version.

The Circle of Life is my project for the August 2014 Ludum Dare jam, I wrote this in 3 days, using only some free clip art from Play The Circle Of Life.

Pill was a game designed for Global Game Jam 2014 at Camden County Community College in New Jersey. Tom composed the music and designed the sound. After the game jam, Tom designed a level that shows off five layers of music with five colored pills.

You can play this “Pill 5-Color Demo.” Unity Web Player required.