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Every single freelance composer and musician will tell you that they have a passion for music and will do everything to hit your brief. (Well of course we will.) Not everyone will be a saxophone player. And not everyone will love creating instrumentals AND creating video game music in equal amounts. With this balance and with decades of experience, I trust my skills will be of service.

I’m Tom Snively and I’ve been creating original music for various small and large-scale projects since 1989. It’s been a fantastic journey and I think one of the key reasons my work is appreciated is this: The gamer in me fully understands the need for my music to enhance the entire gaming experience while they interact with the art on screen.

I understand that the music I make is not supposed to take center stage.

It must nevertheless be epic. And this is typical of the creative brief I work with.

I create both electronic (new age, video game, dance and trace; as well as non-electronic music (smooth jazz, rock and classical). If you seek to commission an artist to write and record your song for you in either realms, give me a call to talk through…

Please do contact me for the following:

  • Commission me to write and/or record your song for you
  • License one of my songs for your use
  • Have me record a saxophone part for your song

I also created the “Making My Own Music” podcast, to talk about my pieces, and how I wrote, arranged and recorded them.

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Tom Snively photo
Tom Snively photo